Vendor Feature: Buttercrumbs Bakery

Here's a topic we love to talk about (and drool over): dessert!

Choosing a dessert for your wedding reception can be one of the most fun and tasty decisions of the planning process! Brides and grooms not only get to look at delicious cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, and every practically dessert imaginable, but they get to taste them too! Cakes and dessert displays can come in all shapes and sizes, and what's not enjoyable about looking through beautiful, sweet, tasty treats?!

terry hills 18.jpg

You're faced with grueling (we kid) decisions like cake or cupcakes? 2-tier or 3-tier? Chocolate or vanilla? There are so many options for wedding desserts, but not to worry! The Batavia Bridal Show has the perfect solution...

The hometown desserts from Buttercrumbs Bakery! Buttercrumbs Bakery makes their desserts fresh daily, using local produce and absolutely gorgeous detailing! Their modern take on wedding cakes and cupcakes makes them a local favorite of brides and grooms. Plus, when the word "butter" is in their name, it doesn't get much better than that! Buttery, sweet, moist... the list goes on and on! We could probably rave about Buttercrumbs forever, but instead, we'll just show you a little gallery of their work and tell you to be sure to stop by their booth at the show!

buttercrumbs pink cake.jpg
buttercrumbs floral.jpg

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