The 4th Annual

About 5 years ago, we got to thinking- the big cities like Rochester and Buffalo not only have hundreds of wedding professionals to choose from, but also several humongous bridal shows to show them off. Metropolian bridal shows are just that- a metropolis of never-ending wedding vendors all packed into one large convention space, swarming brides in order to get noticed from the rest. It's overwhelming, chatoic, and when wedding planning is already stressful- the last thing brides want.

Being wedding professionals ourselves, we always hesitated about participating in these monster bridal shows. Sure, these shows have the potential to attract hundreds of brides, but in a setting that doesn't necessarily speak to success. They are loud, posed with tens and tens of other wedding professionals from each industry, too fast-paced, and most concerning to us- expensive!

We realized it was a no-brainer! The GLOW region (Genesee, Livingston, Orleans, and Wyoming counties) inbetween Buffalo and Rochester also has a wide-variety of extemely talented and expert wedding professionals, but no way to introduce them to local brides apart from attending the big city shows.

Thus, we embarked on the Batavia Bridal Show journey. Now 4 shows later, we really feel strongly that this will be our best yet! We've learned from past successes as well as shortcomings. We've grown with the times. We've appealed to brides in new and exciting ways! Most importantly, we've fell in love with our more intimate, local, modern, and relaxed show and want you to as well!

Bridal Show Logo_edited.png 2014-10-16-13:27:48

We thought we would give you some insight as to what makes this show different from past years', and why we're for lack of a better term- in love:

  • Vendors: Not too many, not too few, just the right amount Like Goldilocks, we've tried it all- cramming in as many as we possibly could, and limiting the field to only 1 professional from each category. We've found that neither worked. This time around, we don't want couples to feel overwhelmed, and we also don't want them to not be able to "window shop". We've finally found the perfect middle number which incorporates enough variety, but still promotes the cozy, personalized feel we want!

  • Insta-Show We (and our brides) want the 4th Annual show to be as modern and fresh as possible, and there's no better outlet for than than Instagram. We've taken to Instagram to display all things Batavia Bridal Show: vendors, brides, dresses, flowers, DIYs.. the list goes on and on! Make sure you're following @bataviabridalshow for "GLOW"-ing photos!

terry hills 18.jpg
  • The Wedding World of Etsy

Brides love Etsy. It's a fact. Weddings these days are almost synonymous with Etsy, so it would be a crime for us to leave them out! Etsy vendors will be a part of the show, showcasing their homemade, handmade, artisanal wedding products for local brides! Even better for brides- buy right at the show = no shipping costs!

We have a couple other tricks up our sleeve, but we would LOVE to know what ideas our brides have for the show! Any samples you are dying to try? Fashions you would love to see? DIY stations or idea-boards that would get you out to the show? Let us know at, or in the comments!

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